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It’s been a thing of concern to me for some time now, so I decided to pen a bit down this morning.
People have over time mistaken Connection for Hardwork. We live in a society where your level of connectivity to who thou knowest, that knows who, where, when and how determines your standard, attained positions and possibly your achievements in life even if you don’t worth or merit them.
Over the years, most people through betrayal, self decit, evil-doing, pretence, high-service and lobbying have attained mighty positions but have a well drated biography and portfolio full of Hardworks.
The calibal of people you know actually guarantees your easy movement all the way up.
Our world and the hearts of the people therein is polluted and requires the heavenly rain of purification to not only brainwash and mentalities incorrupt but also flush away our self acclaimed and made immortals through power and authority acquired but rather infuse the sense of oneness before my own.
In a nutshell, not every one you see at the top Workedhard for it. Some got there and made through connection.
Never judge me because what I have done is who I was but who I am today is what I do now,  therefore change is forever constant either for a better or worse so don’t look down on me because time can limit but not shallow my will.  My only prayer is that God should create a repentant heart in the lives of those who hate because if you wish me bad surely, I wish you worse and preserve worst because the attainment of one guarantees the manifestation of the other…. Peace unto those who desire it. Amen.

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