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BY- Usani James Patrick
mmmmmmm I have wondered over time why our so called Elders in Africa have become nothing but respect freaks without a reciprocal ability.
Why is that it’s only in Africa you tell an elderly person the truth in the most polite, mannered and respectful way and he still confidently tells you that ‘your rude’. And I ask myself, was I suppose to sugar-coat the truth and make sound pleasant to your hearing? And the suprising thing is that, your truth telling might simply deny you of something and a benefit you graciously merit.
I have never seen it anywhere, where it is written that the truth is sweet but rather bitter and dejected by anyone who hears it but still remains the key to total – self freedom and a giver of peace (for even the Bible say so). It is to this extent that we now have liars, hmmm no I mean (Lions) and highly decorated hypocrites who instead of saying no to evil deeds, smile at them, knows the truth but never speak all because of the fear of been denied a favour and it benefits thereoff.
And we keep competing and and comparing our society of plenty morals but deviod of growth and developmental elements to the Western world where even the smallest of their children can confidently note out an error to the old and it will be gladly taken and looked into, our ELders have refused to hear the truth irrespective of who it’s coming from. They have placed respect over moral truth.
# remember you once told us that charity starts at home… please practice the same because what is true will forever remain true. Acept it in good faith, live with it and work on it because there’s no revises edition to it.

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