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BY  James Patrick Usani
I have all this while try to maintain a positive but uncertain mindset towards the current GMB led administration. I have decided to hold my peace and not comment on any of the defunct of the present APC led government because I refuse for them to be referred to as “political statement” by some money blinded people who lack academic excellence and ‘societal – know-what’s-up’ but hide under the shadows of experience, connection and self-betrayal to bag political appointments.
An opposition party to my own little understanding is a group of people who rather than shamelessly ranting about the defects of another party, have profound solutions to the deficiencies that are clearly visible to the populace, implement them to bring about a potential change. The ideas are suppose to beat the former rather than create more problems. 
An administration led by a hunter who openly hide under the winds of fighting corruption to hunt the opposition and torment those who he see’s as a threat to his political ambition and manifestation but shield those who he feels are on his side.
Shai…… ‘Democracy don suffer for Naija’ .
An administration where separation of power is a mere documented concept  and the immunity clause is only for the presidency and his favoured aids.
It’s to me a truism that the main reason why democracy can’t be institutionalised in African states such as Nigeria Is because of ‘the continuous and active participation of past dictators in the present democratic Dispensational will of her host entities. This statement in a nutshell and lame man language simply means that ” those who wear kaki with black choke for face take rule us, don go freshen up, come wear suit and ‘Agbada’ rub better cream and wear smiley faces and still come rule us again”.
These same people who massively propagated corruption in all it ramifications doing their autocratic reign are still the ones that want to help us fight it.
I wont be suprise if the untold hardship and the so called economic recession bestow on the masses by this administration is nothing but a politically Mapped out plan/stunt to totally get rid of all oppositions in a bit to marginalising Nigeria to a one party state, because the whole gist for a year+ now is that PDP caused it. Well we know, say something else and tell us the way forward.  What do you have to offer?
A president who is surrounded by money mongers who lobby for self-gains and massive contracts rather than tell him the truth about the peoples standard of living, what then makes him different from the former as accused.
A president who for four months after been elected denied us of ministers only to surface with familiar names and faces that are not worth the suspense.  For four months he ruled Nigeria without a cabinet I.e. he was the President and at the same time the minister of all ministries and no one ever bordered to ask him to account for that period. The change  and the fight against corruption must start with he who preach it before asking his congregation to abide.
Am very sure that feminists who had a voice in past administrations, advocating and agitating for women rights, gender equality and women participation in politics are under the GMB led administration no where to be found. A country under the watch of a man who believes his wife’s duties is only limited to the kitchen and other rooms, so how much more you. (Others).!!!!
Am tired of the blame game, am tired of hearing funny words like “missing budget”, ‘budget padding’.
After all said and done, I still stand with an open heart, expectant of the change that was promised even if am not sure if its positive or negative and most especially for the manifestation of  the numerous political prophesies.
And above all, I humbly await 2019 to see if the blood of a Nigerian is not worth the political will and ambition of our dear GMB if he’s freely and fairly defeated.

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