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I heard somebody said that we are fighting corruption and corruption is fighting back.
This unreasoned statement to me is liken to a man who steal for a living and on a certain day, he went and stole a goat and brought it home. He then called on the son to take the stolen goat to the market for sale. The son without a choice did as the father instructed. On getting to the market, he tied the goat to a stick and walked round in search of a buyer. In the process of doing that, another thief came along and stole the goat from where it was tied. The boy on knowing what has happend headed back home. On getting home the father asked him son, how much did you sell the goat? And the son without any delay replied and said ‘Daddy, as you bought the goat, nah so I sell the goat’. The father was quiet because he’s to be blamed and also because ‘ man must chop wheather through doing good or evil’.
It is becoming quite clear that the sentimental and hypocritic fight against corruption is the only excuse and agenda of this present administration. I have wondered for sometime now,  why a government in his all knowing capacity will preach the fight against corruption to a hungry and bitter congregation under an economy that is not favourable to the survivabililty of the common man. How can a government fight corruption when his populace are dying of hunger and her economy in recession. This is because poverty and hunger to a large extent breeds corruption to it peak and because an hungry man is not only angry but fraustrated and aggressive also, and he’s ready to do anything in other to feed.
I have never seen or heard that mathematics is the only required subject to securing an admission to a higher citadel of learning, I.e. You will have to pass other subjects also.
I know somebody might say that great nations of the world today also passed through hardtimes like we are now but as far as am concerned, hardship that turn the masses to common thiefs and criminals, workers to jobless people and lenders to beggers is what humanity itself fights against.
It is high time someone sincerely advise this government to know that the fight against should be a part and not the whole of his agenda, because their other aspects of society that needs adequate attention too.
Let them leave their seats of luxurious living and enter into the streets to know the level of untold pain nigerians are passing through.
The truth be told, these corrupt men have been there long before you came in, they know themselves and the way out and that’s why since the ranting of the fight against them, all the accused have been on trials for about a year+ now but none is been convicted, the so called recovered loots of millions not remitted or accounted for. They know how to fight and get back at you. They run and own the economy but what they don’t know is that their getting back at you is not your headache but that of the poor Nigerians.
In conclusion, the sincere fight against corruption is a great deal but at first try to make life livable and the economy bearable for the common man so that you don’t fight a demon only to invite more of them. The people with a full stomach and sound mind will in return support your ideology(ies) because no hungry man will have the time, focus and strenght to listen to plenty pages of corruption sermons.

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