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What a world!!!!! (Open view) – Jayvoke

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We live in a confused world surrounded by problems and unlimited questions but hidden under smiley faces and beautiful dresses. A world where the solutions to the disaster of all is rather made available only to he who can afford it. No where to go and no one to turn to. A world where the only true companion is just you to yourself. A world where your most dearest of all friends desert you in time of need and trouble only to increase in number in time of plenty. A world where things are done  and decisions are taken in your family without your notice even as the first born just because your poor. A world where thieves and criminals  are highly celebrated and the just despised. A world where material things have taken away the integrity and dignity of men and  turned God’s own image to highly sophisticated, programed and manufactured hypocrites. A world where pastors are now gods instead of servants of God.
I sometimes feel like giving up, he said, to save my systems from pain and deep thoughts of suffering and the unsolvable equations of our world unrest.
They say tireness is the motto of every lazy one but I am weak and sober, hardworking but idle because work is given to only he who knowest an ‘oga at the top’ and to her who is ready to  ‘pull up and back for ground’ for Mr. Senators……….
So help us God.


Album: Gveeh – Dropping Out [Official Album]

[Video] Reekado Banks – Blessings On Me

Published on December 3, 2016.


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