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Iraqi Prime Minister arrives in Mosul to declare victory over ISIS, and congratulate troops




The U.S. leads an international coalition that backed Iraqi forces by conducting airstrikes as well as provided assistance to forces on the ground. Iraqi forces still suffered major losses, and while the Iraqi government does not release casualty numbers “a funding request from the U.S. Department of Defense said the elite Counter Terrorism Service, which has spearheaded the fight in Mosul, had suffered 40 percent losses,” Reuters reported.
The broader fight is far from over, as other smaller cities and towns in the country remain under an ISIS stronghold. “It’s going to continue to be hard every day,” Col. Pat Work told the Times. He is the commanding officer of the Second Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, which is enacting the American advisory role in Mosul.
“Iraqi security forces need to be on the top of their game, and we need to be over their shoulder helping them as they move through this transition to consolidate gains and really sink their hold in on the west side,” Work said. “ISIS will challenge this.” ISIS put up a strong fight at the end of the battle, and even resorted to sending female suicide bombers to carry out attacks.

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