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Daughter steals $170k off mum then get scammed


Daughter steals $170k off mum then get scammed


An 86-year-old woman’s trust in her daughter was shattered after she stole $170,000 from her only to lose half of it in a online Nigerian love scam.
In July 2010, Irakau Ada Pehi was given signatory rights for her mother’s bank accounts. The victim lives in Victoria, Australia and believed as Pehi lived in Taranaki, she would be able to manage her finances more easily than she could from overseas.
But by September 2016, Pehi had stolen about $170,000.
The New Plymouth District Court heard how the victim had left clear instructions for how she wanted Pehi to use the money, which included paying koha, contributing to tangi and ensuring there was enough money put aside so she could be repatriated to New Zealand when she died, as she had a wish to be buried next to her husband.

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