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Teenage Girl Who Was Deceived, Taken To Ghana For Prostitution, And Impregnated Shares Her Story (Photos)




A teenage girl, Okafor Beauty has taken to social media to share her heart wrenching story due to her pathetic condition.

The 18-year-old orphan who grew up with her uncle and aunt in Ogun state before she was allegedly chased away after she was maltreated, disclosed that she later came across a woman who deceived her with food and took her to Ghana for prostitution.

In the bus, she met one guy, Japheth Esebogor from Sapele area of Delta state who wooed her, disvirgined her and got her pregnant in the process, and after getting pregnant for him, the guy sent her back from Ghana to stay with his family in Sapele.

Here is her story in full below;



This na her story written by her.

The victim sharing her story

My name na Okafor Beauty, I be 18years old orphan wey nor meet or see my parents before death visit them. I grow up with my uncle and he wife from wen I dey small till I become 18years for Ogun state. Them come start to dey maltreat me and later chased me away.

While in d street I come across one woman wey use food entice me and later deceive me and carry me go Accra Ghana for prostitution. Na for inside Bus wen we dey go,I meet one Sapele boy,wey begin toast me and play with me. Na for Ghana e come disvirgined me and e name na Japheth Esebogor. When we both notice say,I don dey pregnant for am,e come send me down to sapele make I come stay with he family.

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At first everything dey ok but he siblings come start to dey beat me,over every slightest provocation even in my condition and they later chased me out of the house.

Right now i dey stay for one uncompleted building along shell road for Sapele here, without any means of feeding. I don think of to abort the pregnancy or Born and throw the innocent baby away, so that I go fit move ahead with my life because I dey very stranded and nor even get any hope now.

The name of the boy wey give this fine girl belle and send her come home Na Japheth Esebegor and he just enter Ghana and him never blow yet. Though e try to even send the girl come meet him parents and siblings and becos e nor dey around,the siblings throw her out of their House with 7months pregnancy to feed and take care of herself.

According to her! The woman wey carry her go Ghana come threaten to invite another man to disflower her, wen she decide to give her virginity to this Sapele boy at least becos d boy dey harmless and peaceful.

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