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Video: See the election where Ajimobi claims to have 2,600 votes against MAN OF THE PEOPLE(DR.FOLA AKINOSUN)




The above video recording is the venue of Oyo South senatorial primary election; IBADAN North Local Government , by 10.00am (day time) when Dr.Fola Akinosun contesting Senate with Gov Ajimobi arrived the venue; all party delegates embraced him and stoodby with hope of transparent election ,but when they waited from 8.00am to 7.00pm ,it was dark and dangerous at the venue.

The party deligates were dispatched on ground of lateness . Meanwhile, when most voters had gone home, the organisers commenced election in darkness at night by 9.00pm , only few deligates were staying behind. The election ended by 2.00am midnight when responsible married men and women had since returned home.

Picture above , is the conduct of elections that started by 9.00pm In the darkness of the night, see the few deligates thet held the election where Ajimobi had over 2000 votes against his opponent. Note that the election was held on a wrong date, wrong and dangerous , unconducive environment without adequate lighting. Well, no problem ! Dr.Fola Akinosun, contesting with Ajimobi had rejected the conduct of election outrightly. He said it is unacceptable, and not credible. He had requested the APC party leadership to conduct free and fair, credible election. Why should a two terms Governor conduct election for himself in darkness ?. He must really have a reason to play deligates out of the game, or have something to hide in the darkness . What do you think of the future of this country ?

The party delegates were threatened with removal from party exco positions and denial of emmoluments and party benefits, if they vote against Ajimobi , while the stubborn voters were beaten up in the darkness ,others ran away ; allowing invited councillors on Ajimobi s pay role to conclude the voting by themselves, with help of thugs to make the over 2000 votes counted.

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